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Its a great pleasure to introduce to you the talented & promosing DJ based in Jakarta, Indonesia. DJ Vanno is a talented DJ. Started his career as a DJ since 2009 and then joined with Dineros Group on 2013. as his official DJ management. DJ Vanno is the Runner up of Dineros DJ Hunt 2013 and has accomplished alot in his DJ Career since then.

Resident DJ Experiences :
2009 to 2011 : Grand Orange Pool & Lounge Bekasi
2011 to 2012 : Dupan Executive Pekalongan
2015 to 2016 : Clique Serpong
2016 to 2016 : Redsquare Jakarta
2016 to 2017 : Port 8 Bar Bali
2017 to 2021 : Nuchina Bar & Lounge Jakarta
2021 till now : Holywings Indonesia

DJ Vanno as a DJ is able to play various music such as RNB, Hiphop, Mash up, Twerk, Trap, Jungle Terror, EDM & many more.

DJ Vanno is active in performing in various big venues in Indonesia such as all outllets of Holywings Group Jkt & Bekasi, Jenja Jkt, Halfway Puri, Equinox Jkt, X2 Jkt, Corner Club Manado, Score Manado, Liquid Rave Party Anniversary Manado, Viapi Bali, Liquid Makassar and in almost all big clubs in Indonesia

DJ Vanno as a DJ has the abilities to make people bounce with his track lists, music sets and energic moves