Okta Soekarno

DJ / Model

Its a great pleasure to introduce to you the talented & promosing DJ based in Jakarta, Indonesia. DJ Okta Soekarno is a beautiful DJ & Model. Started her career as a DJ since 2016 then joined with Alta Asia on November 2022 as her official talent management.

DJ Okta Soekarno as a DJ is able to play various music such as RNB, EDM, HipHop, Baile, Jungle, Progressive and many more.

DJ Okta Soekarno s active in performing in various big venues in Indonesia such as : Embassy Club Jkt, Bengkel Space Jkt, Gens Bar Jkt, Halfway Puri Jkt, Fota Bar Jkt, Club 36 Jkt, Beluga Banjarmasin, Teebox Padang, Homebase Palembang, Mythoz Ultra Lounge Yogyakarta, The Garden’s Jogya, Horison Hotel Jogya, Alana Hotel Jogya, and many more in almost all big clubs in Indonesia

DJ Okta Soekarno as a DJ has the abilities to make people bounce with her track lists, music sets and energic moves

IG : @altatalent @oktasoekarno
FB : Alta Asia
Call : 087883090099 (Kris)