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Its a great pleasure to introduce to you the talented & promosing MC based in Jakarta, Indonesia.Besides the MCing for night life events, Jayzee is a also rapper who had track on various music platforms and his Music Video at Youtube. Started his career as a MC since 2018 and then joined with Dineros Group on September 2020 as his official management.

MC Jayzee Experiences in Entertainment Industry such as :
Brand Ambassador local street fashion with Monstrack Original Apparel Local street wear.
MC Jayzee is good at MC on music genres such as RnB, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Hardstyle, House, EDM.

Mc Jayzee is currently the resident mc of Tan Group Jakarta performing regularly at The Brotherhood Jkt, Nara Jkt, Glass House, Beer Brother and in all venues of Tan Group

MC Jayzee is active in performance in various Big Clubs in Indonesia such as :
Sixsense Solo, Mirror Allin Bali, Empirica Club Jkt. Domain Club Jkt. Lucy In The Sky Jkt. Fable AllIn Club Jkt. Halfway Arteri Jkt. Halfway Puri Jkt. Camden Jkt. Wooden Bar BSD. Holy Glass Bar Bks. Lobbyn Sky Jkt. The Fifth Jkt. Afterhours Jkt. I-Six Bar Jkt. O2 Club Jkt and in almost all big clubs In Indonesia.

MC Jayzee is Active in performance in Outdoor / Rave Party such as :
Pool Party at Hotel Santika Bks. Pool Party at Mercure Cikini Jkt. Pool Party at Aston Inperial Bks. Grand Opening Mall Metropolitan Bks. Youth Camp Universitas Kristen Indonesia. Pena FEST VHS 2 Bogor. Selaras FEST VHS 1 Jakarta. Back To Culture FEST STIKes Medistra Indonesia. Nature FEST VHS 5 Yadika Jkt & many more.

Mc Jayzee as a MC has the abilities to make people bounce with his style and energic moves