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Jerry Likumahwa, an Ambonese born with a dutch blood, a professional actor nationaly known thru his commercials, movies and soapies. Starting his career as a Photon Project Liquid dancer in the rave scene since 2006. Studied DJ live from through in autodidact with Traktor DJ software and CDJ. He had a speciality played DJ with energic and attractive performance with his style. He is one of the fastest growing DJ. He knows his kind of music works with the crowds. After experiencing Jakarta’s scene for some time, he’s clear of what he wants to do through his music and that is to promote hip- hop and make it acceptable to the local ears. The Co founder of hotdaddies, named as Hot Daddy Jek coz of his undisputed hotness, is still an active member of Jakarta 69 football club, a football club consists of indonesian actors & actresses, and also RMMT, one of Indonesia’s PUBG most talented team. And by the end of November 2023, Jerry offically joined to Alta.

Jerry have played at Chao Chao Jakarta, Flow Jakarta, Habitate Jakarta, Hexaground Jakarta, Nara jakarta, Loki Jakarta, Lucy SCBD Jakarta, Lavva Lounge Jakarta, Tapalunia, Skies Bekasi, and many more.