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Its a great pleasure to introduce to you the talented & promosing DJ based in Jakarta Indonesia. DJ Inda Aldric is a beautiful DJ, Started her career as a DJ since 2017 & then joined with Alta Asia on May 2023 as her official talent management.

DJ Inda Aldric as a DJ is able to play various music such as : Electronic Dance Music, RnB, Hiphop, Trap, House, Progressive, Trance & many more

DJ Inda Aldric has many experiences as Resident DJ of BlackOwl Jakarta
Zona Makassar, Wongs Bar Palembang, Sixsense Solo, Shelter Surabaya, Secondhand Surabaya, Resident DJ : IX Malang, Backroom Malang, Hugos Malang

DJ Inda Aldric is active in performing in various big clubs such as : Holeyshit Kemang, Halfway Puri Jkt, Shelter Surabaya, Southgate Solo, Glamour Tuban, Backroom Malang, Loading Malang, Oddette Malang, JW throne surabaya, Boshe Jogya, Graha poppy mojokerto , geldbang surabaya , lappa surabaya , kingsman lombok , nashville banjar masin, Brown sugar semarang, the gardens jogjaAnd in almost all big clubs in Indonesia

DJ Inda Aldric as a DJ has the abilities to make people bounce with her track lists, music sets and energic moves