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Its a great pleasure to introduce to you the talented, & promosing DJ based in Jakarta, Indonesia. DJ Azzer is a talented DJ. Started his career as a DJ since 2016 and then joined with Alta Asia on September 2022 as his official DJ management. He is also one of the most well known DJs in Indonesia with great experiences and DJ Skill. DJ Azzer was Resident Dj at : Holywings Group Indonesia and currently Resident Dj BlackOwl Jakarta,
Atm Club Cambodia, Big Boss Club Cambodia, Goedang Club Banjarmasin, The Nine Club Malang, Playhouse Malang, Velvet Club Surabaya, Society Bar Palangkaraya, The Hevn Lampung, Above & Beyond Bandung
Mitra Club Samarinda The Beerhouse LombokGodzilla MalangTriangel Malang Godzilla MalangAnd many more resident DJ ExperiencesDJ Azzer as a DJ is able to play various music such as RNB, Hiphop, Mash up & Electronic Dance.  DJ Azzer is active in performing in various big venues in Indonesia such as : Embassy Club Jkt, Blackowl Pik, Gens Bar Jkt, Halfway Puri, Sea-Bat Lounge Jkt, Soren Bar Jkt, The Nine Club Malang, Twenty Ktv & Bar Malang, Color Run Party Malang, Hugos Malang, and in almost all big clubs in Indonesia
DJ Azzer as a DJ has the abilities to make people bounce with his track lists, music sets and energic moves