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Its a great pleasure to introduce to you the talented & promosing DJ based in Jakarta, Indonesia. DJ Ado Elviamry is a talented DJ. Started his career as a DJ since 2016 and then joined with Alta Asia end of 2021 as his official DJ management.

Resident DJ Experiences :
Isix Keman, Lost and found kemang
Pennylane & Camden Group From 2018-now

DJ Ado Elviamry as a DJ is able to play various music such as RNB, Hiphop, Mash up, Twerk, Trap, Jungle Terror, EDM & many more.

DJ Ado Elviamry is active in performing in various big venues in Indonesia such as Bengkel Space jkt, Halfway Arteri, Halfway Puri, Camden jkt , all Afterhour outlet , Shamrock, PennyLane jkt Beer House and in almost all big Bars & Clubs in Indonesia

DJ Ado Elviamry as a DJ has the abilities to make people bounce with his track lists, music sets and energic moves